Javascript search engine

Posted on 2023/03/18

I just released an experimental Javascript search engine. It fingerprints code and tries to see beyond minification. A lot of room for improvement, but here we go.


Posted on 2016/03/12


I have had parts for this for a long time, but finally it is assembled and flying…

3D printer

Posted on 2016/03/02


Printing 3D stuff.. :-)

Water boiler temperature measurement system

Posted on 2015/12/19

Here is my simple IOT-device to measure the wood-burning boiler’s smoke gas and water temperatures. Code running on STM32F103 microcontroller receives water temperatures from two DS1820 sensors and smoke gas temperature from K-type thermocouple via MAX6674. ENC28J60 module connects STM to Ethernet, and a simple HTTP server serves temperatures clients. I have Linux server reading values once a minute and store them on MySQL database for later use. There is a simple web page to view the day’s current temperatures and history. This system helps see the system’s status without visiting the boiler room. My house’s heating is all done with that wood-burning boiler, so in cold winter, that means starting fire once a day and adding wood when the fire begins to go out. I can check my web UI to know if my starting fire succeeded and when to add more wood. There are plans of adding some alerts, but that is for a later time.


Stuff in the picture: Green board on the center is my general-purpose STM32F103 board(just some voltage regulators, capacitors, and USB-connector, that is not in use on this project). Under that is the programmer board. It is for flashing MCU and is removed when the development cycle is over. Under that is the mainboard that connects all things. The blue board at the bottom is an Ethernet module connected to the mainboard. The metal tube on the right is a K-type sensor, and under that is an LCD for displaying values in the boiler room.

Chimney cowl for summer cottage

Posted on 2015/07/21


I have been doing some welding lately. Here is one project.


Posted on 2015/06/19


Bye bye Google code, welcome Github.

Posted on 2015/03/15

Google announced that Google code service is ending so moved my project to Github:


AngularJS course

Posted on 2014/10/24

Just visited AngularJS course on Sovelto.

Web development experiments

Posted on 2014/10/17

So, I wanted to experiment with Mono, Entity Framework, JSON, HTML5, TypeScript and AngularJS. It is still bit open what my site will actually do once finished, but my idea here is create template that allows rapid development of ‘forms’ based applications. I also plan on doing some offline app with PhoneGap. Stay tuned for more. :-)

You can find project at Github code:



Posted on 2014/08/24

I ended up hosting this site at DigitalOcean. They offer Linux virtual machine hosting starting at $5/month. That is quite nice considering that GoDaddy charges me $8.99 on premium hosting (multible domains).

I like having virtual machine instead regular hosting as it gives more possibilities for configuration and development. I have one C#/Mono/Entity framework/MySQL project in mind that will be installed to this server…

New storage silo

Posted on 2014/08/08

I have been really busy on constructing new silo this summer. I uploaded some photos under projects menu. Take a look.

FPGA development board

Posted on 2014/03/05

I been building FPGA development board for SDR experiments. And decided to publish it on So there it is, please check it out:

Site ported to WordPress

Posted on 2013/05/21

So, this site moved again. This time one relative of mine set up couple of web servers and I did some configuration on them. I don’t know was that payment or good will, but he let me put this site to those servers. So I am free riding now. :-) I tried to pull Typo3 to new servers but it got complicated when I should have upgraded and moved site at the same time. Also I had some trouble with typo3 previously so, decided to do some extra work and convert all to WordPress. So here we are. If you can read this conversion was success.

I have plans to upgrade layout to something better, but lets see about that one. Year go by so quickly…

New call OH1TR

Posted on 2011/08/24

I bought new call OH1TR. Maybe dropping that OH1FNJ at some point..

Radio tower

Posted on 2009/12/26

I bought small radio tower at fall. I have been busy with other things, but now I finally got time to pull it up.