Posted on 2014/08/24

I ended up hosting this site at DigitalOcean. They offer Linux virtual machine hosting starting at $5/month. That is quite nice considering that GoDaddy charges me $8.99 on premium hosting (multible domains).

I like having virtual machine instead regular hosting as it gives more possibilities for configuration and development. I have one C#/Mono/Entity framework/MySQL project in mind that will be installed to this server…

New storage silo

Posted on 2014/08/08

I have been really busy on constructing new silo this summer. I uploaded some photos under projects menu. Take a look.

FPGA development board

Posted on 2014/03/05

I been building FPGA development board for SDR experiments. And decided to publish it on So there it is, please check it out:

Site ported to WordPress

Posted on 2013/05/21

So, this site moved again. This time one relative of mine set up couple of web servers and I did some configuration on them. I don’t know was that payment or good will, but he let me put this site to those servers. So I am free riding now. :-) I tried to pull Typo3 to new servers but it got complicated when I should have upgraded and moved site at the same time. Also I had some trouble with typo3 previously so, decided to do some extra work and convert all to WordPress. So here we are. If you can read this conversion was success.

I have plans to upgrade layout to something better, but lets see about that one. Year go by so quickly…

New call OH1TR

Posted on 2011/08/24

I bought new call OH1TR. Maybe dropping that OH1FNJ at some point..

Radio tower

Posted on 2009/12/26

I bought small radio tower at fall. I have been busy with other things, but now I finally got time to pull it up.

RC helicopter

Posted on 2009/06/26

I finally give up to temptation and bought one of these: I did know it is hard to fly, but it really did come to little surprise how hard it really is. Tried it twice, broke it twice.. :-) Well practice goes on…

I am a HAM now..

Posted on 2009/01/28

Well papers arriver and my call is OH1FNJ. Started project of building my own radio. I plan to use USRP for receiving and sending, but USRP output power is 0,4mW so linear amplifier is needed. That I plan to build myself. Kind of interesting to see how this building project goes. I always hated coils and RF stuff because they are so ‘unpredictable’. For that I mean, long wire acts as a coil, two parallel wires as capasitor, ground is not really a ground if not done propertly. If you add one transistor to this, you will damn sure get oscillator, wanted it or not. Oh well, maybe this is why I get my license. Life is boring if you don’t have challenges, and change to learn something new!-)